Aziatische Studies
Irregular Migrants' Access to Right to Stay in Turkey and Morocco
The book analyses migrant experiences of illegality in Turkey and Morocco by taking into account how both countries responded to increasing pressure by the European Union to govern irregular migration...
€ 89,00
Banal Beats, Muted Histories
This book presents a cultural history of modern Southeast Asia from the vantage point of popular music, considering not just singers and musicians but their fans as well.
€ 29,95
Livelihoods, Territorialities, Modernities
This book explores the changes to native senses of place, the conception of border - simultaneously as limitations and opportunities - and what the authors call "affective boundaries," "livelihood...
€ 89,00
This book reveals that a shift in focus can be seen through analysis of the Turkish political elites' definitions of "self" and "other" that were established as part of the EU accession process.
€ 89,00
Een introductie voor Geesteswetenschappers
€ 34,95
A Handbook for Students in the Humanities
€ 34,95
New Cooperations and New Dependencies
This book explores the new interactions between Asia and Africa beyond the frequent narrow focus on China-Africa.
€ 89,00
From a Colonial to a Post-Marxist City
The richly illustrated bookk carefully situates architecture, design, and urban planning within Kolkata's political economy and social milieu.
€ 89,00
Accounts of the 1965 Genocide in Indonesia
This book presents the stories of individuals, who were - and still are - affected by violence and stigmatisation in the name of suppressing communism in Indonesia during the late 1960s.
€ 79,00
Defining Experiences
Dirgantoro presents the first comprehensive study of feminisms and contemporary art in Indonesia.
€ 89,00
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